Rightsholders Want African Countries to Up Their Anti-Piracy Game

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africaThe American copyright industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue and is generally seen as one of the primary export products.

Whether it’s movies, music, software or other goods, US companies are among the market leaders.

To protect the interests of these businesses around the globe, copyright holder groups can often rely on help from the US Government. The yearly list of ‘notorious markets,’ for example, is a well known diplomatic pressure mechanism to encourage other countries to up their enforcement actions and improve laws.

The same is true for trade deals and other policies, which often require trade partners to take actions in favor of copyright holder interests.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), which represents the ESA, MPA, and RIAA, among others, has been the voice of major entertainment industries on this front. The Alliance regularly encourages the U.S. to further the interests of its members, and it currently has its eyes set on Africa.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act

Specifically, the IIPA has taken an interest in the latest eligibility review of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). This process, lead by the US Trade Representative (USTR), determines which sub-Saharan African countries can enjoy the trade benefits of this legislation.

The idea behind AGOA is to improve economic relations between the African region and the US. However, African countries first have to qualify and that comes with certain restrictions, including a clause that prohibits states from opposing US foreign policy.

The IIPA, for its part, would like to use the legislation to improve copyright laws and strengthen anti-piracy measures. While copyright holders support growth in African countries, they say that the growth of Internet access comes with a major downside; piracy.

“This impressive technological growth, unfortunately, is accompanied by illegitimate activities that will hamper legitimate economic growth if left unchecked,” the IIPA warns the USTR.

“To effectively ensure a safe, healthy, and sustainable digital marketplace, AGOA eligible countries should assess whether their legal regimes are capable of responding to today’s challenges, including rampant online piracy.”

African Countries Should Do More to Tackle Piracy

The copyright holders would like sub-Saharan African countries to have copyright laws and policies that offer optimal protection against piracy.

At the moment, this is not the case, IIPA says, noting that several AGOA countries have “inadequate and ineffective” copyright protection, “deficient local laws,” as well as “weak enforcement.”

“These shortcomings enable parties to engage in piracy, some on a commercial scale, because it is a high-profit, low risk enterprise, unencumbered by the considerable costs associated with either producing and licensing works, or protecting them against theft,” the group notes.

IIPA AGOA submission

In its submission, the IIPA is mostly concerned with Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. The criticism of South Africa isn’t new. Rightsholders have mentioned piracy and fair use concerns repeatedly over the past several months.

This apparently made an impact as President Ramaphosa sent two controversial new bills back to Parliament for a do-over last month.

Kenya also proposed new legislation, but this isn’t up to par either, according to US rightsholders. The same is true for Nigeria, which should require ISPs to take action against persistent pirates while extending the copyright term for sound recordings to 70 years.

Ideally, these African countries should be encouraged to work with copyright holders and the US Government to implement adequate laws. If not, the US Government should question whether they can still enjoy the AGOA benefits, IIPA says.

“We urge the Administration to continue to consider copyright laws and enforcement practices under the intellectual property eligibility criteria of AGOA,” the group concludes.

A copy of the IIPA’s full submission for the “2020 AGOA Eligibility Review” is available here (pdf)

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Police Arrest Pirate IPTV Operator & ‘Hijack’ Streams With Anti-Piracy Warning

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IPTVSometime during Tuesday, users of a pirate IPTV provider marketed under the Global / Global Entertainment brands were given a surprise.

Instead of accessing the live TV package they’d originally subscribed to, they’re now being treated to a warning that claims to originate from two police forces in the UK.

“This illegal stream has been seized By Norfolk and Sussex Police,” it begins.

“Watching illegal broadcasts is a crime. Your IP address has been recorded. You are instructed to cease and desist immediately from all illegal media streaming.”

As news of the message spread around various IPTV discussion forums, the speculation began. Some put forward the theory that the operator of the service had orchestrated some kind of cut-and-run scam, faking the seizure notice and then fleeing with subscribers’ money. Others stated that it was some kind of hack designed to scare users of the service.

To find out the truth, TorrentFreak contacted Suffolk Police with a copy of the message. They confirmed that the notice is part of a criminal investigation and should be taken seriously.

Message is Genuine, One Man Arrested

“Officers are aware that speculation is circulating online stating that the on screen message is a ‘hack’. However, recipients should be clear that this is a genuine police operation,” the force informs TF.

Police Seize IPTV

Police are not yet naming Global as a target and it’s certainly possible that additional providers are also affected by the action. However, they did confirm that officers from the local Cyber and Serious Organised Crime team carried out a warrant at a property in the Hollesley area of East Suffolk yesterday, in connection with premium pay-TV channels that were “being facilitated to tens of thousands of people.”

According to the police, a 24-year-old man was arrested under section 44 of the Serious Crime Act and Section 11 of the Fraud Act under suspicion of obtaining services dishonestly and concealing/converting criminal property, i.e money laundering. He was taken to Martlesham Police Investigation Center for questioning and was released under investigation pending further inquiries.

First Time a Seizure Notice Has Appeared Via an IPTV Service

In respect of the anti-piracy message now being displayed on former customers’ screens, police say this was made possible after gaining access to the IPTV provider and disabling the suspected illegal streams.

While seizure and similar anti-piracy warnings have appeared on dozens of pirate websites over the years, this is the first instance that we’re aware of that has managed to deliver the same type of message via an IPTV provider, direct to people’s television sets. It’s an intriguing development that may yet resonate with the public.

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slimegargoyle: kaya popularizing the lipstick lesbian flag on tumblr leading to the subsequent...

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kaya popularizing the lipstick lesbian flag on tumblr leading to the subsequent popularization of the orange and pink lesbian flag leading google to use it today in its corporate pride doodle only for it to be removed following accusations of aphobia…no rest for the long arms of the sherlock fandom

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everyone mark my words and think of me when this certainly happens: tumblr people who are getting...

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everyone mark my words and think of me when this certainly happens: tumblr people who are getting into the untamed (not my friends) will one day move onto the novel and immediately cancel the entire universe for being problematic. may we all enjoy it while it lasts

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ambientwitch:Kind of feel like there’s an easy solution for Hannibal which is that he just doesn’t...

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Kind of feel like there’s an easy solution for Hannibal which is that he just doesn’t eat people. Like you don’t need to do that king

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blackeraser: First drawing of Wangxian *cough* Same you can...

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First drawing of Wangxian *cough* 

Same you can find them on my twitter (Im way more actif on twitter)

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http://moriarty.tumblr.com/ - sze, 2020-07-01 01:25

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speakingwhentheworldsleeps: The strange thing about growing up in conservative Christianity and...

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The strange thing about growing up in conservative Christianity and then leaving it behind is that there are a lot of secular/progressive spaces that engage in similar thinking while sincerely believing their ideas are counter to conservative ones. So I thought I would just make a list of things I was taught within conservative Christianity, the stuff that was either the core of our beliefs, or the social dynamics that we created. Some of the language I use is specifically either scriptural, or Christian-speak.

This list isn’t to say “stop thinking this way.” This is actually intended to simply be informative because sometimes social justice spaces assume, “we are crafting our ideals in opposition to conservative ideals therefore whatever we think surely must be the opposite of whatever they think,” without ever seeming to know that their language and ideals look and sound the same.

So, let’s begin:

Sin-leveling: x is bad, and y is bad, and all bad things deserve an equal reaction

Sin-leveling part 2: because all things are equally bad, there’s nothing wrong with inverting the consequences. Hurting others becomes acceptable (because it’s no different than doing something distasteful), doing something distasteful is unforgivable (because it’s no different than doing something harmful)

Avoid all appearance of evil: if I assume that your behavior looks wrong, then you are wrong, even if further context would say otherwise. You should avoid doing anything that others would see as wrong because you are not allowed the benefit of the doubt or to defend yourself.

Sin by association: x company contracted with y company. Y company engages in something sinful, which means x company approves of said sinful thing which means if you purchase from x company, you are condoning, supporting, and have actually committed the sin.

Think only on what is good: or as the pastor of my old church liked to call it, “garbage in, garbage out.” Whatever ideas, thoughts, words, arguments, stories, pictures, books, movies, songs, friends, love you put in your head will create the desire to become that. If you want to be good, you must avoid any bad thought because you will “slip” into wanting it and then be unable to stop yourself from being it. (For example, type into google “is secular music” and click on the autocomplete of “a sin”)

Language as an in-group test: if you do not describe your life, experiences, and beliefs with the exact same vocabulary and in-group speak, you are either not really one of us, or you’re someone who hasn’t thought through their ideas as deeply as I have.

By any means necessary: Also known in the ex-Evangelical world as “lying for Jesus.” If my words create the necessary beliefs and actions in others, then it doesn’t matter if I am exaggerating, saying half-truths, or using manipulative language, because I’m saving others and helping them do what’s right.

Touch not God’s anointed: any critiques of those our community trusts, critiques of those we’ve deemed “the good ones,” are actually people trying to sow discord and disunity to destroy our community and their voice should be silenced because they must be lying.

Judge not lest ye be judged: A scripture that we throw at people when someone says our leadership is abusive, a scripture we cry is being taken out of context when we want to harshly critique someone ourselves. 

There’s more, lots more, but this post is already fairly long. Once again, though, this isn’t intended to be combative. I just want people to know the actual social dynamics that a lot of us grew up with in conservative Christianity communities, so they know when sometimes they’re sharing those social dynamics, not countering them.

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soracities: “Thoreau always had two notebooks—one for facts, and the other for poetry. But he had a...

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“Thoreau always had two notebooks—one for facts, and the other for poetry. But he had a hard time keeping them apart, as he often found facts more poetic than his poems. They are, he said, translated from the language of the earth into that of the sky. Thoreau knew that the imagination uses facts to fabricate images and even delicate architectures. One summer night, looking up into the sky at a particularly beautiful, scintillating star, he thought perhaps another traveler somewhere else along the coast was, like him, looking up at that same star and said, ‘Of what unsuspected triangles are stars the apex?’”

Jean Frémon, from “Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Gloves,” trans. Cole Swenson, Southern Review (vol. 56, no. 1, Winter 2020)

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averyterrible: Imagine not recognizing the interdependence of all phenomena and believing that...

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Imagine not recognizing the interdependence of all phenomena and believing that people’s choices emerge fully formed from their own untouchable independent rational self lol
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luthienne:Danusha Laméris, Bonfire Opera: Poems

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Danusha Laméris, Bonfire Opera: Poems

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kinklock: me slamming into the untamed tag on break at work like i want to see my little boy (here...

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me slamming into the untamed tag on break at work like i want to see my little boy (here he comes) 

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mylastbraincql:gif request (anon): “wei wuxian’s big smiles…like...

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gif request (anon): “wei wuxian’s big smiles…like the ones where they reach his eyes and he’s just radiating happiness you know?”

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undr: John Bulmer. Railway tracks snake through a town in the...

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John Bulmer. Railway tracks snake through a town in the north of the United Kingdom. 1965

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trulyvincent:From “Dendrology” by Linda Westin

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From “Dendrology” by Linda Westin

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freshmoviequotes: Knives Out (2019)

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Knives Out (2019)

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aridante: this soft and tender moment is brought to you...

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this soft and tender moment is brought to you by @horreurscopes​! thanks for indulging me and my drarry bullshit :’)

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weedle-testaburger: given pride month is coming to a close i think it’s a good time to remember...

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given pride month is coming to a close i think it’s a good time to remember greg universe said trans rights

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Amazon Sued For Copyright Infringement on Movies Including Austin Powers

Torrentfreak - k, 2020-06-30 21:02

When Amazon is mentioned in connection with copyright infringement lawsuits, it’s usually due to its involvement in the global anti-piracy coalition, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

In those cases, Amazon is always on the offensive but in a lawsuit filed in a New York court, the company itself is being targeted for distributing copyrighted works for which it doesn’t hold a license.

The complaint was filed by Ralf Hartmann (RH), who previously acted as CEO for German film investor CP Medien. Around ten years ago, when CP Medien was being wound up, it was reported that Hartmann would continue working in the film industry through the CP Medien subsidiary Capella Films.

How that venture panned out isn’t clear but according to the lawsuit, Capella Films “assigned, transferred and sold” all of its interests in several films to Hartmann. The rights acquired by Hartmann included copyrights and exclusive reproduction and distribution rights. It’s alleged that these rights have been breached by Amazon after the company distributed copies of several movies to the public via its streaming service.

Amazon Streamed Unlicensed Movies in the US and Overseas

“Beginning in July 2017, Defendants, without obtaining either license or authorization from RH, made the motion pictures “Commander Hamilton” and “After the Rain” available for digital distribution either via streaming on demand, and/or for rent or sale on its Prime Video service in the United States,” the complaint reads.

It’s alleged that these two titles were rented and/or purchased at least hundreds of times by Prime Video subscribers.

Noting the worldwide reach of Amazon’s streaming service, the lawsuit claims that from July 2017, Amazon made the movies After the Rain, Commander Hamilton, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and Drop Dead Gorgeous available for digital distribution (either via streaming and/or rent from Prime Video) in overseas countries including the UK, Germany and Australia. These are estimated to have been sold or streamed “thousands of times”.

Hartmann says that since these titles were stored on Amazon’s servers in the United States and streamed to both local and overseas customers without a proper license, this constitutes breaches of the US Copyright Act. There appears to be a lack of clarity when it comes to the scale of the alleged infringement so Hartmann hopes to learn the scale of the alleged infringement through discovery.

Direct and Contributory Infringement in the United States

Alleging direct infringement in the United States, the lawsuit claims that “Commander Hamilton” and “After the Rain” were distributed willfully and intentionally in the country and as a result, Hartmann is entitled to statutory damages of $150,000 per infringed work or actual damages and Amazon’s profits from infringement to be determined at trial.

Claiming acts of contributory copyright infringement in the United States, the lawsuit says that by “facilitating, managing or directing unauthorized distributions” of these two unlicensed movies, Amazon materially contributed to copyright infringements carried out by Prime Video subscribers via the Amazon.com website or the company’s streaming app.

“Each unlawful distribution of the Motion Pictures Commander Hamilton and After the Rain — whether by on demand stream, rental and/or sale — constitutes a separate act of contributory infringement for which Plaintiff is entitled to actual damages,” the lawsuit adds, noting that for each work it can claim maximum statutory damages of $150,000.

Infringement in the United States and Overseas

Hartmann’s third claim details alleged contributory copyright infringement in respect of movies streamed to foreign users from Amazon’s servers in the United States, for which $150,000 per work infringed is again claimed.

“Because copies of these four Motion Pictures – Commander Hamilton, After the Rain, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Drop Dead Gorgeous – were without RH’s license or authorization, hosted on Defendants’ servers based in the United States and then distributed from these servers to Prime Video subscribers in Foreign Countries, each such distribution…was a violation of the Copyright Act,” the claims states.

Vicarious Infringement in the US and Infringement Overseas

Claim four asserts that by failing to control the conduct of Amazon Digital, Amazon is vicariously liable for the direct copyright infringement of Amazon Digital by streaming the two movies in the US via the Prime Video service.

Noting that all of the movies listed in the third claim were hosted in the United States and streamed to customers overseas, Hartmann says he is also entitled to damages under the copyright laws of foreign countries.

Request For Judgment Against Amazon.com and Amazon Digital

In conclusion, the lawsuit seeks an order from the court that the defendants infringed the plaintiff’s copyrights and that since that infringement was willful, damages should be “increased and trebled”. Amazon is yet to file its response.

The complaint and can be found here (pdf)

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