so whomst is going to be watching ingrid goes west tonight while lizzie + the other cast members...

so whomst is going to be watching ingrid goes west tonight while lizzie + the other cast members live tweet about it?

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waiting to be let into the google hangout liiiike

http://elizabetholsens.tumblr.com/ - cs, 2020-04-09 23:07

waiting to be let into the google hangout liiiike

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Court Allows ISP to Question Rightscorp’s Credibility at Piracy Trial

Torrentfreak - cs, 2020-04-09 22:19

Three years ago, a group of RIAA labels sued the Texas ISP Grande Communications.

The music companies accused the provider of not doing enough to stop pirating subscribers. Specifically, it alleged that Grande failed to terminate repeat infringers.

The case was initially scheduled to go to trial in February, but that was canceled at the last minute due to time constraints. The legal battle is now set to conclude later this year. Before going ahead, however, some outstanding issues have to be resolved.

This week, US District Court Judge David Ezra ruled on the so-called motions in limine from both sides. These are requests to exclude certain topics or evidence from being presented to the jury at trial.

The music companies, for example, asked the court to exclude certain details regarding Rightcorp, the company that sent the anti-piracy notices to Grande. These notices are crucial evidence, as Grande stands accused of not properly responding to them.

Specifically, the music companies wanted to exclude any “irrelevant or unfairly prejudicial” evidence or arguments about Rightscorp’s business practices, its finances, or the allegation that the anti-piracy firm destroyed evidence.

Grande objected, however, and the ISP pointed out that the jury is entitled to this information. The ISP pointed out that the credibility of Rightscorp is a significant issue at trial, while highlighting that the piracy tracking firm is financially dependant on the music companies.

“In short, Rightscorp’s relationship with Plaintiffs is the only thing keeping Rightscorp’s business afloat,” Grande previously wrote.

In his ruling, Judge Ezra sides with the Internet provider. This means that Grande can question Rightscorp’s credibility and business practices at trial. The same is true for the fact that Rightscorp previously destroyed evidence.

And there is more good news for Grande. The music companies also asked the court to exclude evidence about the now-defunct Copyright Alert System. Under this music industry sanctioned program, other ISPs agreed to forward piracy notices. However, they were not required to terminate repeat infringers.

Grande can use this information to argue in its favor and it will have the option to do so at trial, as the music companies’ motion to exclude evidence regarding the Copyright Alert System was denied.

Not everything in the ruling was positive for Grande though. The ISP also submitted motions in limine, several of which were denied. For example, it asked the court to exclude evidence regarding Grande’s termination of clients who failed to pay their subscription fees.

Judge Ezra denied this motion, allowing the music companies to address these issues in court. The companies could use that information to counter Grande’s defense that Internet terminations are drastic measures that should be used sparingly.

According to the current planning, the trial is scheduled to start in September. The jury selection has yet to take place. This could get interesting as well. As we reported before, the music labels plan to ask potential jurors if they read TorrentFreak.

A copy of US District Court Judge Ezra’s order of the motions in limine is available here (pdf)

Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an annual VPN review.

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ACE and MPA Help to Shut Down Taiwan’s Largest Pirate Movie and TV Show Site

Torrentfreak - cs, 2020-04-09 10:33

While English language ‘pirate’ sites grab most mainstream headlines, anti-piracy groups have international platforms firmly on their radars. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of such sites in Asia but following coordinated police action, one of the largest has now fallen.

Following an investigation carried out by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the Asia-Pacific division of the Motion Picture Association (MPA-APC), Japan-based Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), and local TV network Sanli TV, police in Taiwan have now shut down 8maple.ru, the country’s most popular pirate movie and TV show site.

According to SimilarWeb stats, 8maple has been attracting up to 35 million visits per month, making it not only the most-visited platform of its type in the region but also the 32nd most-visited site in Taiwan, period.

According to police sources, the Criminal Investigation Bureau in conjunction with the specialist Telecommunications Investigation Corps swooped to arrest 33-year-old Chen Su and 32-year-old Zhuang Su on March 31, 2020. Both are graduates of the Department of Science and Engineering at the Northern National University and are reported to have extensive software skills.

Authorities say the pair launched 8maple in 2014, creating a fake advertising company before offering Hollywood movies plus US, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean shows to the public for free viewing. The site allegedly operated servers in several regions including the United States, Canada, Ukraine, France, and Romania.

8maple generated income from advertising, with authorities currently estimating revenues of around NT$4,000,000 (US$133,000) per month.

Following the arrests, which have only just been made public, police seized a number of electronic items including 25 computers, mobile phones, and data in cloud storage in France and Canada (OVH). As the image below shows, the site’s main .ru domain was among several seized including 8maple.com and eyny.tv.

The business appears to have been profitable for the two men. During a press briefing, authorities revealed that Chen and Chuang had both acquired luxury mansions for around NT$16,000,000 (US$532,000) each, both paid for in cash. These we seized along with an estimated NT$ 60,000,000 (US$1,900,000) discovered in the pair’s bank accounts.

The suspects were arrested for copyright infringement offenses with Taiwan’s Telecommunications Investigation Corps estimating that 8maple caused around NT$1 billion (US$33.2m) in damages.

The anti-piracy groups involved in the action have yet to make a statement.

Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an annual VPN review.

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8 Massive Questions We Have About Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

cinemablend.com - cs, 2020-04-09 01:00

There's a lot we still don't know about Doctor Strange 2.

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Kalison Studios Education Partners with Independent Artists Entertainment to Launch IAE Academy

Kalison Studios Education (KSE) announced today a partnership with entertainment company Independent Artist Entertainment (IAE) and ICL Academy, an affiliate of New York independent school Dwight School to create IAE Academy, an online educational academy for working youth performers. The program, which kicks off this fall, provides career support alongside an online academic curriculum serving […]
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‘Why Don’t You Just Die!’: Film Review

The coronavirus has made everyone a bit sensitive, with good reason, inspiring memes around such now-sensitive movie titles as delayed 007 entry “No Time to Die” and Emily Ting’s culture-shock indie “Go Back to China.” To this list of inappropriately named movies we might add “Why Don’t You Just Die!” — except that Russian director […]
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TV News Roundup: Lisa Vanderpump to Guest Star on ‘American Housewife’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In today’s TV news roundup, Variety has learned that Lisa Vanderpump will guest star in “American Housewife,” and Amazon Prime Video announced that the second season of “Homecoming” will premiere May 22. CASTING Lisa Vanderpump will guest star on the May 6 episode of “American Housewife,“ Variety has learned exclusively. Vanderpump will appear as herself […]
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‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ Giveaway: Win a Free Digital Rental of Eliza Hittman’s Excellent New Drama

slashfilm - cs, 2020-04-09 00:30

Never Rarely Sometimes Always giveaway

Writer/director Eliza Hittman‘s new film, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, won a special jury prize for neorealism at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and went on to win the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. But the coronavirus interrupted its theatrical release, causing Focus Features to rethink its strategy and ultimately make the film available through Video On Demand platforms.

Now we’re giving away five streaming codes for the movie so you can check it out for yourselves. Read on to get details about how to win.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always Giveaway

Five winners will walk away with a free streaming rental code for the movie courtesy of Focus Features and Fandango. To enter the contest, send us an email at slashfilmcontestentries@gmail.com with the words “Never Rarely Sometimes Always Giveaway” in the subject line. Then, in the body of the email, tell us about your favorite breakout performance from a then-unknown actor or actress, and why it resonated with you. We’ll choose the answers we like best and email the winners with their winning codes. The contest begins now and ends at midnight PT tomorrow night, Thursday, April 9, 2020.

I had the opportunity to speak with Hittman about her movie last week, and I encourage you to read the entire interview whether you’ve seen the film or not. (The interview is spoiler-free.) “I put the entire movie on the shoulders of a young woman who had never acted before,” she told me. “I think that, had I been in different hands…I could have felt easily pushed in a more conventional direction. But making a discovery and casting somebody who I believed in and believed would bring the most depth and intimacy to the role was really important.”

That discovery paid off in a huge way, because it introduced the world to Sidney Flanigan, a tremendous young performer who had literally never acted in anything before playing Autumn, the lead role in this movie. Her performance here is aces – one of those where, if Flanigan chooses to further pursue acting and becomes a big deal, you’re going to want to be able to brag about getting in on the ground floor and seeing her in this breakout role as it happened.

An intimate portrayal of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania. Faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support, Autumn and her cousin Skylar embark on a brave, fraught journey across state lines to New York City.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always is available on VOD right now.

The post ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ Giveaway: Win a Free Digital Rental of Eliza Hittman’s Excellent New Drama appeared first on /Film.

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Sounds Like Star Wars’ Adam Driver Did Way More Stunts Than Co-Star Daisy Ridley

cinemablend.com - cs, 2020-04-09 00:18

Adam Driver totally benched his stunt double.

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Radiohead to Stream Weekly Archived Live Shows During Quarantine

To compensate for the lack of live music during the coronavirus pandemic, Radiohead has announced that the band will start streaming concert films on its YouTube channel on a weekly basis, starting this Thursday at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET, courtesy of the “Radiohead Public Library” launched earlier this year as a go-to for archival […]
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Fox to Air One-Hour TMZ Special on ‘Tiger King’

Fox has announced that it plans to air a one-hour special on Monday from TMZ that promises new interviews and “never-before-seen footage” on the subjects of Netflix’s breakout hit “Tiger King.” “TMZ Investigates: Tiger King – What Really Went Down?” will explore the “outstanding questions about whether or not Joe Exotic is guilty, an inside […]
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‘Modern Family’: Creators and Cast Say Goodbye to the Game-Changing Sitcom

When co-creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan decided to set the 11th and final season of “Modern Family” at 18 episodes, they didn’t realize how fortuitous the timing would turn out to be. The series finale of the long-running family sitcom finished filming in late February, mere weeks before the outbreak of the coronavirus would […]
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‘The Trip to Greece’ Trailer: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s Final ‘Trip’ is Full of More Good Food and Great Impressions

slashfilm - cs, 2020-04-09 00:00

the trip to greece trailer

Gentlemen to bed! For the hilarious semi-fictionalized food tour led by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is coming to an end. Coogan and Brydon reprise their roles as fictionalized versions of themselves for the last time in The Trip to Greece, the fourth and final film in Michael Winterbottom’s comedy series following the two comedians as they eat and joke their way through Europe. Watch The Trip to Greece trailer below.

The Trip to Greece Trailer

The Trip films has been one of the most consistently funny film series around since Coogan and Brydon first teamed up to eat their way through northern England in 2010. The Trip, which debuted as a BBC TV series before being edited into a feature film, perfectly plays on both Coogan and Brydon’s comedic strengths, with their dry-witted banter competing impressions of Michael Caine launching the film to international success.

Delightfully wry and soothingly low-key, The Trip series would continue to make us all giggle and drool over food for the next 1o years, with Winterbottom returning to direct Brydon and Coogan in 2014’s The Trip to Italy, 2016’s The Trip to Spain, and finally, this year’s The Trip to Greece. But it’s a bittersweet reunion for Brydon and Coogan in the upcoming film, which is set to be the final film in the series. I honestly don’t know what I have to look forward to without a new The Trip film to surprise me with its release. And IFC is setting it for a May theatrical and VOD release at that, guaranteeing it close to zero box office as the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shows no signs of slowing by then. But at least we can take one last trip with Coogan and Brydon (this time with Marlon Brando impressions!) while we’re stuck in our homes.

Here is the synopsis for The Trip to Greece:

When Odysseus left Troy it took him ten years to get back to his home in Ithaca. Steve and Rob have only six days on their own personal odyssey in THE TRIP TO GREECE. On the way they argue about tragedy and comedy, astronomy and biology, myth, history, democracy and the meaning of life! Featuring locations such as: Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the unique island of Hydra, the Caves of Diros, Nestor’s Palace, Niokastro Fortress in Pylos, and Ancient Stagira, as well as a lot of shooting in restaurants and hotels in Athens, Hydra, Lesvos, Chalkidiki, Pelion, Kavala, and at the Peloponnese.

The Trip to Greece, which also stars Kareem Alkabbani, Marta Barrio, Rebecca Johnson, and Claire Keelan,  hits theaters and VOD May 22, 2020.

The post ‘The Trip to Greece’ Trailer: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s Final ‘Trip’ is Full of More Good Food and Great Impressions appeared first on /Film.

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Listen: WarnerMedia, Spotify, NBCU Execs Discuss Coronavirus Industry Impact

The media business is starting to absorb “the new normal” of life amid the coronavirus crisis. In a panel discussion held Monday in the Variety Streaming Room webinar featuring executives from WarnerMedia, Spotify, NBCUniversal and PwC, they shared their outlook for the industry in conversation with Variety Intelligence Platform chief media analyst Andrew Wallenstein. Highlights from […]
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Why Will Smith And Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys Partnership Works So Well

cinemablend.com - sze, 2020-04-08 23:40

They ain't going nowhere.

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Disney Plus Hits 50 Million Subscribers, Disney Says

Within five months of initial launch, Disney Plus has signed up 50 million paid subscribers worldwide, the media company said. Disney last reported 28.6 million Disney Plus paid subscribers as of Feb. 3, meaning it’s packed on more than 21 million net new subs in roughly two months. The subscription VOD product got a big […]
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More People Watched ‘Tiger King’ Than ‘Stranger Things 2’

slashfilm - sze, 2020-04-08 23:30

tiger king ratings

Tiger King continues its strange reign. In the last month, the series has become the go-to watch for all of us poor chumps stuck inside. It’s the ultimate in quarantine viewing – a weird, shocking docuseries about truly terrible people, and we all apparently can’t get enough of it. And a new report states that Tiger King has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits – drawing an even bigger audience than Stranger Things 2.

How big a hit is Tiger King? It’s Stranger Things big. In fact, it’s bigger than Stranger Things, at least according to Variety. They’re reporting that the buzzed-about Netflix docuseries found a “U.S. TV audience of 34.3 unique viewers within the first 10 days of its release (March 20-29), according to Nielsen estimates.” That’s more than Stranger Things 2, which had 31.2 million unique viewers in its first 10 days on Netflix. It also came very close to beating Stranger Things 3, which had 36.3 million viewers over its first 10 days.

The Variety story also points out that when Tiger King debuted on March 20, it didn’t exactly set the world on fire, in terms of viewers, taking in an “average minute audience of 280,000 U.S viewers and reached 741,000 unique viewers.” But in the days to come, buzz surrounding the series – and how flat-out bonkers it is – helped it build a bigger audience. And Netflix says it’s been their #1 most popular title in the United States for the last two weeks.

The series, which has the eye-catching subtitle Murder, Mayhem and Madness, follows “Joe Exotic, a mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and country western singer who presides over an Oklahoma roadside zoo. Charismatic but misguided, Joe and an unbelievable cast of characters including drug kingpins, conmen, and cult leaders all share a passion for big cats, and the status and attention their dangerous menageries garner. But things take a dark turn when Carole Baskin, an animal activist and owner of a big cat sanctuary, threatens to put them out of business, stoking a rivalry that eventually leads to Joe’s arrest for a murder-for-hire plot, and reveals a twisted tale where the only thing more dangerous than a big cat is its owner. ”

Rumor has it that a new episode of the show is going to debut this week – although there’s been no confirmation of that. There’s also a “sequel” in the works at ID. Oh, and there’s a TV adaptation with Kate McKinnon on the horizon, too. In other words, the Tiger King craze is just getting started.

The post More People Watched ‘Tiger King’ Than ‘Stranger Things 2’ appeared first on /Film.

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ABC Will Re-Mix ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ ‘Nightline’ in Coronavirus Schedule

Jimmy Kimmel will return to his usual late-night roost – but will continue to share his hour with ABC News’ “Nightline.” ABC, which has been more aggressive than some of its rivals in ceding entertainment slots to news during the coronavirus pandemic, said it would restore “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to its regular 11:35 p.m. start […]
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MusiCares’ Coronavirus Relief Fund Passes $10 Million in Donations

The Recording Academy and MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund has passed $10 million in donations, the organizations announced today. The fund was initiated last month with a $1 million donation from each organization — MusiCares is the Recording Academy’s charitable wing — and has since seen “generous” but unspecified donations from Amazon Music, Facebook, SiriusXM-Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, […]
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